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Wholesale Supplies Perfume, Hairdressing and Aesthetics


Distributor of professional products for hairdressers and beauticians.

The company Co.Ri. LTD arises from a previous business experience of its founder began in the 60s and it has, therefore, more than 40 years of experience in the cosmetic industry and in particular in supplies for hairdressers and perfumeries.

With the opening of new distribution centers covering the Italian territory, we have expanded since 1980 our product range also to beauty salons, nail and spa center.

line of products::


technical line

Power blond blue formula
Power blond white formula
emulsion Peroxide 10/20/30/40 da 200 ml
emulsion Peroxide 10/20/30/40 da 1000 ml
Easy Color
Power Blond bustine
Screen Color
Color Performance

Line specific Shampoo

Sebo Control Shampooing
Anti Loss control Shampooing
Removal Shampooing
Anti Duff control Shampooing
Intense care Shampooing
Anti-dandruff control shamponing
Color care Shampooing
Color care balm
Hydro Mineral control treatment

MEGIL HAIR a complete line of products for the young beauty and care of your hair.

Shampoo with silk proteins and panthenol

Useful for the health of your hair and scalp.
Improves combing and hair shine and helps to have a strong, full-bodied hair

Shampoo sweet almond seeds and linseed oil

It improves hair pettinibilità and helps make the hair strong and full-bodied. Suitable for treated or colored hair.

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Megil Hair
Muster & Dikson
Gamma più
La jolie
Alexandra cosmetics


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Via Centonze, 71 - Messina - Italy

tel. 090/2921708

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Via Consolare Pompea, 251 - Contemplazione - Messina - Italy

selling hair products
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