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L´unico giornale on-line della moda-capelli aggiornato quotidianamente con notizie, informazioni e pettegolezzi del settore. Quotidiano di sicuro interesse per chi vuole saperne sempre più degli altri sulle nuove tendenze, gli stili, le offerte e l´andamento del settore ma anche sugli avvenimenti mondani e non, su quello che è successo, quello che succede e quello che succederá!
The only on-line hair-fashion web journal updated every day with new, information and gossip about the sector. A daily web journal certain to be of interest to people that want to be kept informed not only about new trends, styles, bargains and patterns in the sector but also about fashion and other events, what has happened, what is happening and what is going to happen!
Die einzige Online-Zeitung für Haarmode, täglich mit den letzten Nachrichten, Informationen und Gossip der Branche aufgefrischt. Ein sicherlich interessantes Tageblatt für all jene, die immer informiert sein möchten über neue Trends, Stilrichtungen, Angebote und branchenspezielle Entwicklungen, doch auch über Glamour-Ereignisse und weniger prominente Veranstaltungen, über all das, was sich schon ereignet hat, gerade passiert, oder noch kommt!
CHRONIQUE MONDAINE: le seul journal en ligne de la haute coiffure, pour une information quotidienne, des nouvelles, des renseignements et des potins du secteur. Quotidien d´un intérêt certain si vous en savoir toujours plus que les autres sur les nouvelles tendances, les styles, les offres et l´évolution du secteur, mais aussi sur les événements mondains et moins mondains, sur ce qui s´est produit, ce qui se produit et ce qui va se produire!
CHISME: la única publicación en línea sobre moda del cabello, actualizada a diario con noticias, informaciones y chismes del sector. Un boletín de seguro interés para los que quieren saber siempre más que los demás sobre las nuevas tendencias, los estilos, las ofertas y el comportamiento del sector, pero también sobre los eventos mundanos o menos, lo que ha sucedido, lo que sucede, ¡y lo que sucederá!

26 Sep 17


This November 5th, SHOW POSITIVO will be back with its 7th edition. This future edition will offer visitors surprises like guest art director Tom Connell and a conference led by the technology evangelist Javier Sirvent. An innovative meeting, unique in the sector, that will take place within the framework of the Look Internacional fair at IFEMA, in Madrid at 16:00 in the 14.1 Pavilion.

Jorge, Marco and José make up X-pressure, the team dedicated to R&D&i in the hairdressing field that continues to revolutionise traditional systems through innovation and disruptive solutions. For yet another year they are organizing Show Positivo, though the theme on this occasion is "#HeadHackers, update your mind", playing with the ambiguity between the mind and hair, two fields they are masters of. At the upcoming edition, they will surprise the audience by opening up a new universe before their eyes, pushing beyond innovation in hair and hacking the minds of the attendees, allowing them to experience something new in the global hairdressing industry.

SHOW POSITIVO is making history across the sector, bringing together top professionals at previous editions including Lluis Llongueras, Robert Lobetta, Tim Hartley, Ilham Mestour, and Richard Ashforth, with conferences by Emilio Duró and Mario Alonso Puig, among many others. This year will see the event attended by Trevor Sorbie, M.B.E (Member of the British Empire) along with his artistic director Tom Connell, and the technology evangelist Javier Sirvent, a regular contributor of Google and Twitter who will give a presentation on how to prevent technology making your role from becoming obsolete. During its already six editions, it has become an international event of reference on a global scale for professionals in the hairdressing sector who want to learn new innovative techniques. It is an event that brings the latest hairdressing trends to the audience through training and creative activities at the hands of professionals from all over the world.

The most recent edition of SHOW POSITIVO was the star event at the Salón Look International fair, with more than 75,000 potential visitors. The event was a great success for the public and critics alike, with the attendance of more than 900 people and about thirty national and international communication media representatives.

SHOW POSITIVO collaborates with ghd, Periche and Ifema. In addition, this edition adds the collaboration of media from across the industry including Beauty Market, C&C, Magazine, Coiffure Professionelle, GLOBElife, Estetica, Planetlook.com, Tupelu.com, Tocado, Amenity and NEO2.

26 Sep 17

Hair: Cebado
Collection: Color Block/Color Back


26 Sep 17


Hair: Petra Blatnik Maček, Mojca Čas, Manca Plesec
Collection: Motus
Ph: Mimi Antolovič
Make-up: Špela Ema Veble, Maja Šušnjara Gabor
Colouring: Manca Plesec, Saša Verdinek
Clothes Styling: In Hair Art Team Petra, Mojca, Manca, Barbara, Saša, Maja
Styling: Nina Jagodic
Digital Processing: Ajda Horvat


26 Sep 17

The bobs of the twenties inspired the short sleek cuts in this collection. By omitting the twenties finger waves that were popular then, and then adding disconnection and a textured crown and you get an eighties spin on the classic 1920’s bob. Keeping the collection in black and white added to the 20’s nod.

Hair: David Barron
Collection: Punk Twenties
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Nguyen-Grealis
Stylist: Jared Green


25 Sep 17

stilecapelli 11


Il magazine di moda-capelli più ricercato del momento ti aspetta nelle edicole dei maggiori aeroporti italiani e stranieri, nei Duty Free, nelle più importanti stazioni ferroviarie e Autogrill, nei 50 HAIRSHOP e presso le librerie La Feltrinelli.

Oppure richiedila direttamente in redazione !


STILECAPELLI    HAIR – LUXURY – LOOK  è la rivista trimestrale di modacapelli pubblicata in occasione delle sfilate di Milano Fashion Week.


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