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Royals’ Hair Relocates to Deliver an
Even ‘Moorish’ Experience


The opportunity to relocate premises was the perfect chance for Mary and Adam Alamine and their Royals’ team to bring to life a long-held vision for their salon and to truly embrace their love of Moroccan influence!
With a friend happy to import distinctive, bright and intriguing pieces from Morocco, the new salon took shape quickly with genuine Moroccan doors adorning the ceiling, plates hanging on the walls, and ornate lamps and metallic grills greeting visitors upon entry.

“Mary and I share a love for the Moroccan design and we wanted a space that was authentic. We wanted real pieces from Morocco with a distinct ‘imperfect beauty’ so we steered clear of polished finishes and relied heavily on reclaimed timber, handmade pieces and lots of original, unique items from Morocco.”

Having occupied space in the convenience of the Castle Towers shopping centre since 2007, it was time for a move to another area of the centre and really accentuate their take on the Moroccan style that underpins their salon interiors and hospitality, which stems from Adam’s heritage.


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