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24 Feb 17

alternative hair show 2017
15 October 2017 Royal Albert Hall - London (UK)

Let's celebrate the 35th anniversary of
UTOPIA: the global hair event of the year

This year the ALTERNATIVE HAIR SHOW celebrates its 35th anniversary with a Gala Show that promises another outstanding celebration of the art and craft of global hairdressing linked inexorably with the generosity of the profession and the many professional product companies who have backed it over the ensuing years.

The background is a simple story of love, determination and commitment to fight leukaemia, a cancer of the blood notorious for the way it affects children and their families.

It was in 1983 that Tony and Maggie Rizzo were devastated by the loss of their first-born child, Valentino, to the ravages of leukaemia.
They responded to this tragedy by seeking out some of the world’s foremost hairdressers to help create a unique charity fundraising event at London’s Camden Palace.

From this event the Alternative Hair Show was born.

It has gone on to raise millions for the leukaemia cause and at the same time has become an enduring headline event in the international diary of hairdressing.
Such was the success of that first show that sell-out events have followed in London every year and sister-shows have taken place across the world – Austria, Italy, USA, Japan, Korea, Russia and USA.

These Shows have all been dedicated to raising vital cash to fund life-saving research in the UK and in the countries where the shows were staged.
This year’s show, ambitiously entitled UTOPIA, will take place at the Royal Albert Hall on Sunday 15th October, and will be a special anniversary and celebration of 35 years of Alternative Hair.

The evening promises to be both poignant and, as ever, filled with creativity, imagination, excitement and entertainment, inspired by today’s leading stars from the world of hairdressing.

24 Feb 17

HAIR: Damien Carney – UK
Ph: Damien Carney
Make-up: Aya Kudo
Stylist: Mia Tucker Williams
Manicurist: Teresa King
Styling assistant: Asia Ware


24 Feb 17


Vuoi trovare un parrucchiere vicino a te?

Trova il tuo Salone in Abruzzo

Trova il tuo Salone in Italia

24 Feb 17

HAIR: Neil Barton – UK
Collection: Lumbee
Ph: Richard Miles
Make-up: Megumi
Styling: Bernard Connolly


24 Feb 17

La fuerza de la naturaleza ha sido en esta ocasión el motor de inspiración para crear esta nueva colección. Ella fue acercándome a los paisajes nórdicos, donde encontré el paralelismo de mi nueva propuesta, asocie el fuerte viento del norte, con el movimiento del cabello, así como la luz de las auroras boreales, del hielo, del fuego, y de los bosques, con la multitud de matices de color en el cabello de nuestras modelos. Mujeres fuertes y defensoras de su propio estilo marcan esta nueva tendencia de moda. En el estilismo, optamos por tejidos orgánicos que sean versátiles en el movimiento, y colores de vestuario más neutros para dar más protagonismo al cabello Te proponemos siluetas más alargadas, nucas con más cabello, estilos rotos y desfilados para enfatizar el movimiento. El color será clave en esta nueva propuesta, tonos fríos q van desde el gris plata, hasta el verde turquesa; y en tonos cálidos desde los cobrizos fríos hasta los rojos apagados.

HAIR: Marco PM @Marco PM Estilistas – España
Collection: Boreal
Ph: Mikel Muruzabal
Make-up: Arturo Nuez
Stylist : Marco PM
Models: Bea, Lucia, Ivi, Soraya, Irene
Producer : Andoni Guillén


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Michael Canalé: «Il biondo della Aniston l'ho inventato io»

Alzi la mano chi nei primi anni 2000 non ha chiesto al proprio parrucchiere il taglio e il colore di Rachel di Friends. Il successo della pettinatura di Jennifer Aniston porta la firma del famoso hair stylist Michael Canalé. A lui si deve il successo del biondo Rachel e di tutti i cambi di «blonde» sfoggiati dalla star. Lo abbiamo incontrato

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

Shoulders! They were not a re-run of the 1980s big, bold, let’s-elbow-past-these-men sharp shapes. But rather an echo of the 1940s with everything below those twin-peak upper arms moulded like putty to the body.

The Bottega Veneta show was powerful and gave a strong image of both male and female models that designer Tomas Maier sent down the worn stone floor of the Brera Academy, where the show was held.

Eva Herzigova in mutual congratulations with Tomas Maier

A post shared by Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue) on

It was the most powerfully effective presentation from this brand in a long time. It seemed both of-the-moment when the female spirit is feisty and the goal of equality seems further away than ever, and, at the same time, it suggested a wearable and highly desirable modern wardrobe.

“I started to focus on the silhouette and I was very inspired by illustrations: drawing strong shoulders, nipped waists, and rounded hips using material in rich colours,” said Maier, who also included menswear on the runway, but without quite such sharp cutting. In fact, bow ties, if anything, softened the lines of tailoring. “Certainly, this was a very 1940s shoulder – absolutely,” he added about the female shapes. “It had a very strong silhouette, very pencil drawn, then I worked from there.”

From the first moment of the show, when a model strutted out in a yellow jacked cut on curving lines over distinctly rounded riding pants, this Bottega story seemed different. Without exaggerating the 1940s look, but keeping to vivid yellow and orange for a cloak or a belted coat, Maier moved into the key silhouette: wartime uniform meets Schiaparelli. There were also, towards the end, glamorous evening dresses, particularly a cascade of honey gold Lurex, which must surely be on a bee-line course for the Golden Globes.

The evening clothes were exquisite and the filmy daytime dresses, again definitely 1940s in silhouette, had a certain charm, as the crepe de Chine slithered down the body and the hemlines floated just above the calf. But the main focus was on the tailoring that repositioned the female figure with mannish elegance. Compared to the soggy T-shirts with limp comments about women’s strength that have appeared recently on fashion runways, this was a statement of the power wielded by a woman dressed to kill.

L'articolo #SuzyMFW: Bottega Veneta Shoulders Ahead sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

Missoni: Knitwear infused with creative energy

[dropcap]F[/dropcap]ive members of the Missoni family and half the front row sat wearing anti-Trump protest-style knitted beanie hats that were handed out with the show notes. They had been tipped off by Angela Missoni in preparation for a runway of female solidarity.

Speaking up for women has become a theme here in Milan, where the shows once took short skirts or digitally patterned dresses as their seasonal focus. Unlikely as it might seem for those outside what some might envisage as an industry of air-heads, there was a genuine feeling of camaraderie among the crowd of mostly young mad hatters – although the indefatigable Rosita, the brand’s den mother at age 85, was naturally there at the front of the parade.

It all seemed quite meaningful in a light-hearted way. And a lot of that spirit was due to the excellence of the clothes, which were colourful, intensely worked and practical, yet still original. From the start with a tailored coat in misty squares, through predictable sweaters with plaid trousers to purposeful work clothes (topped off with furry or knitted scarves), this was signature Missoni with an upbeat edge.

The vast pink coloured mountain as digital backdrop was a representation of the Monte Rosa, chosen by Angela for its mix of solidity and pretty pink beauty.

The Missoni show with colourful knitwear – and a pink mountain behind – for women to climb?

A post shared by Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue) on

To most of the young women watching the show, Missoni’s beginnings in the 1970s are distant history. The freedom that came with easy, sporty clothes and the punch of vivid colour are now taken for granted. But the brand’s focus on technique continues to bring something new to the bright package. Angela explained how knits can now be made to fit the body shape of each woman, rather than the reverse.

A few atypical ideas were brought in: squiggly patterns re-addressed for the digital age; and what looked like an eco-warrior’s message worked in like a badge. This was a show with energy for brand Missoni – and it aroused a genuine camaraderie among its audience.

Jil Sander: A tailored approach

Keeping alive the flame of creativity is a perennial subject in fashion as designers switch brands or fade away. It seems especially poignant – in this season when the strength of women is at the forefront of discussion – that Jil Sander the person cannot be behind the house that bears her name. The German designer was one of the first to work feminism into the language of clothes, making it seem credible for women’s style to mirror that of men.

Jil Sander by Rodolfo Paglialunga

A post shared by Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue) on

The current designer, Rodolfo Paglialunga, set out again along the masculine-feminine route which he has followed since taking over two and a half years ago. But unlike those who are just joining the feminist parade, he basically carried on from where last season ended.

The shapes were big, as though drawn with larger tools than the female body requires. That meant coats that swung, trouser suits with side lapels pointing towards padded shoulders and a general feeling of enlargement from ribbed knit long dresses to oversized sweater tops.

That looked fine as tailoring, especially when warm colours like rust, mustard yellow and blues of varied hues took the severity out of the collection. Yet what the businesswoman is likely to crave from this brand is surely serenity. There was plenty to like and much to admire. But clothes to fall in love with? Ah, that is a different story.

L'articolo #SuzyMFW: Missoni And Jil Sander sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

Tod’s: Re-Wrapped

A line up of figures, model Naomi Campbell sitting centre front, stood parcelled in leather and roped with thick strings. The set-cum-installation, by artist Thomas De Falco, created a frisson of excitement at the entrance to the Tod’s show.

But that was the only drama – unless you count the photographers’ excitement over the arrival of Chinese stars Zhang Ziyi and Tong Dawei; and the evident emotion for the group of five in-house designers at the end of the show.

Diego Della Valle, the President and CEO of Tod’s has made an executive decision to develop a team spirit, not a star designer. And to encourage the co-operative to do what makes sense: start the vision for the giant accessories company from the feet up and make outerwear the focus of the clothing.

Open Air was the well-chosen title for autumn/winter 2017. And that meant a winter where walking moved beyond city streets. The focus of the show was craft, such as the repeated narrow strips cut out and twisted down the front of soft brown leather shirtdresses. For the shoes, moccasins had rubber soles and high heels meant lace-up boots.

This was a show that invited zooming in on a big, flat bag with a padded front to match the outfit’s sleeves, or on the hefty loafer softened with fur. The focus for adornment of bags and belts was on a sleek metallic double ‘T’ – a reworking of the Tod’s logo. The zippered leather jackets suggested fashion that meant business. But the show was a reminder that in the case of Tod’s that means shoe business.

A success for the Tod's team effort before a VERY high level front row in #milan🇮🇹

A post shared by Suzy Menkes (@suzymenkesvogue) on

Max Mara: Mid-Century Sweden

Max Mara’s confidence with coats is legendary. But this season the show, marked out in just four base colours: red, camel, grey and black, seemed to have a particular crispness in spirit as well as design. Put that down to the Swedish winter air.

The band of designers behind the brand had focused not on some unlikely reference such as Marilyn Monroe, who was the theme a few season’s back. Instead, they chose the entire world of mid-century Modernism which not only made sense – it was also at the core of a beautifully developed collection.

‘More Nordic than Latin’ was the explanation for this collection, although the foggy chill in the hazy Milanese air suggested that a big, bold coat is much needed in Northern Italy too.

The show opened with a bright red coat, in furry fabric and worn with a sweater and velvet pants, setting the key note of lush simplicity. The tactile quality of the fabrics balanced the severity of the line, so a furry mid-calf coat fell straight down over an all-in-one camel bodysuit. The velvet trousers, appearing repeatedly in the colour of whisky, added to the visual warmth. But even in shades of grey – from shearling and textured knit coats to a pin-striped coat and trousers – there was a sense that Max Mara had found a chic route to winter warmth in a cold climate.

L'articolo #SuzyMFW: Breathing Clean Air At Tod’s And Max Mara sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

Quattro cover. Quattro atmosfere. Quattro mondi. Quattro foto iconiche realizzate da Steven Klein con una protagonista unica: Madonna. Questa è la February Issue di Vogue Italia, numero ideato da Franca Sozzani e realizzato dal maestro americano. Un numero storico per il magazine di moda che è stato celebrato nell’evento che si è tenuto ieri a Milano all’interno della Settimana della Moda. Un gala esclusivo, realizzato da Vogue Italia in collaborazione con Place Vendôme Qatar, che ha visto la splendida cornice di Palazzo Serbelloni trasformata in un club dell’underground newyorkese degli anni 90. Le polaroid e i protagonisti del numero di febbraio, in grande formato, hanno ricreato l’atmosfera e lo stile del melting pot culturale e immaginifico di fine millennio, con le sue contraddizioni, le sue conturbanti dicotomie e l’elettricità degli anni in cui si sentiva che tutto era a un passo dall’accadere. L’evento  è stato inoltre reso ulteriormente unico dalla performance musicale di Fergie, che ha indossato per l’occasione delle creazioni firmate da Francesco Scognamiglio.

“Le immagini sono da sempre lo strumento di comunicazione attraverso il quale Vogue Italia racconta l’evoluzione dell’estetica e i cambiamenti di costume. Per questo siamo felici di celebrare il progetto di Steven Klein per Vogue Italia: la bellezza e la forza evocativa della fotografia saranno infatti il punto di riferimento su cui costruire il prossimo capitolo nella storia della testata”, ha detto Emanuele Farneti, direttore di Vogue Italia. “Siamo entusiasti di supportare questa grande iniziativa per il secondo anno consecutivo” ha aggiunto Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Rabban, proprietario di Place Vendôme Qatar. “L’apprezzamento e la valorizzazione dell’industria della moda e dei suoi esperti sono obiettivi comuni per Place Vendôme Qatar e Vogue Italia”.

Numerose le personalità del mondo della moda, le celebrities e le istituzioni intervenute all’esclusivo evento.

L'articolo An Issue By Steven Klein: l’evento sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Schermata 2017-02-25 alle 14.14.57

Instagram @bof

In tantissimi, in tutto il mondo, lo hanno indossato. E sebbene abbia tutte le caratteristiche per essere un accessorio di tendenza, il Pussyhat non è una semplice moda del momento fine a se stessa, è molto di più. Questo beanie hat pink con le orecchie da gatto, infatti, è il simbolo della Women’s march che lo scorso 21 gennaio ha mobilitato mezzo milione di uomini e donne contro la nuova amministrazione americana guidata da Donald Trump, a favore dei diritti delle donne.

E oggi approda alla Milano Fashion Week. Angela Missoni, infatti, ne ha regalato uno a tutti gli ospiti della sfilata per sostenere le Donne di tutto il mondo. Il cappello è stato reinterpretato secondo l’estetica della maison ed è stato collocato su tutti i seating come gift.

“Vi invito accanto a salire in passerella accanto a me e alla mia famiglia”, ha detto la stilista alla fine della sfilata sulle note della canzone di Patti Smith People Have the Power. “Mostriamo a tutti che il mondo della moda è unito e senza paura”.




L'articolo Milano Fashion Week: i Pussyhat di Angela Missoni per i diritti delle donne sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

L'articolo Blumarine Autunno Inverno 2017/18 Live Streaming sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

L'articolo Jil Sander Autunno Inverno 2017/18 Live Streaming sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

È tempo di Oscar 2017. Domani, 26 febbraio, le stelle del cinema si ritroveranno al Dolby Theatre per celebrare la decima musa e i protagonisti che l’hanno resa grande nell’anno cinematografico appena trascorso.

Ma quando e dove seguire la cerimonia degli Oscar quest’anno ospitata da Jimmy Kimmel? Iniziamo dall’orario: il red carpet prenderà il via ufficialmente alle ore 1 am (orario italiano) della mattina del 26 febbraio mentre la cerimonia partirà alle ore 2.30 del mattino. Anche quest’anno gli Oscar saranno trasmessi in esclusiva da Sky sul canale SKY Cinema Oscar HD (canale 304). La diretta sulla manifestazione prenderà il via alle 22.50 e potrà essere seguita anche online grazie al servizio Sky Go.

Online sarà inoltre attivato, a questo indirizzo, il canale The Oscar: All Access vero e proprio sguardo sul red carpet che, dall’inizio dell’arrivo delle star alla chiusura delle porte del Dolby Theatre, racconterà il red carpet della cerimonia. In attesa di scoprire gli outfit delle star protagoniste degli 89esimi Academy Awards, ripassate con noi i migliori look delle edizioni precedenti.

L'articolo Oscar 2017: l’orario della cerimonia e come seguirla in tv e streaming online sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

L'articolo Cividini Autunno Inverno 2017/18 Live Streaming sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

L'articolo Missoni Autunno Inverno 2017/18 Live Streaming sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

L'articolo Bottega Veneta Autunno Inverno 2017/18 Live Streaming sembra essere il primo su Vogue.it.

Soldato ribelle in Hunger Games, guerrigliero nella guerra civile di Free State of James, lobbysta con un’etica in House of Cards, Mahershala Ali aspira al suo primo Oscar nei panni di uno spacciatore con un (grande) cuore in Moonlight ma è con un ruolo da cattivo, quello dell’elegante gangster Cottonmouth nel ‘tvcomic’ Luke Cage che l’attore, tra quelli in maggior ascesa oggi, è diventato popolare nel 2016.

Difficile dimenticarlo in quella parte, anche perché, scorrendo il suo album fotografico, Ali sembra condividere con il ‘cattivo’ che lo ha reso più famoso, il piacere per il gioco della moda, una voglia di capi di bella fattura unito a una certa tendenza a sperimentare (nei colori, nelle texture, nelle linee) che non è di tutti.
Non a caso si è già guadagnato diverse ‘copertine’ da rubrica dei meglio vestiti e, alla vigilia degli Academy Awards, è uno degli uomini da cui ci si attende un look con una marcia in più.

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

Sfilate di Milano: le borse più belle

Dalle coloratissime creazioni di Gucci alle it-bag super posh di Fendi, ecco tutte le borse che brameremo la prossima stagione. Da scoprire day by day, griffe dopo griffe nella gallery

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

Sabato shopping

Il maglione da sfilata, la biker jacket della mezza stagione e la camicia (per lui) con pattern carta da parati. Sono solo alcuni dei nostri 10 consigli per gli acquisti di questo weekend

Martina Colombari da Ermanno Scervino e gli altri vip in front row

New York, Londra, Milano, Parigi: ecco i vip più fotografati (e i loro outfit) alle sfilate di prêt-à-porter donna per l’inverno che verrà

Beauty news
February 26, 2017

Le scarpe più belle di Milano

Dagli stivali cuissardes in pelle rossa di Fendi alle scarpe frou frou di Prada. Ecco le novità per l'Autunno/inverno 2017-18, da scoprire con noi day by day

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