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RAYWELL trade mark is an exclusive of Professional market since 1989. It is distributed in Italy, Europe and Middle East only through exclusive distributors. Our production laboratory are well supported by a Development Team and Medical Center that assure an hight quality products. RAYWELL trade mark includes the following brands: TECHNICAL PRODUCTS Hair Color tintura Hair Color The new Raywell vitamin colour hair dye with colouring vegetable oils has been developed in the Intercosmetics laboratories. The new concept of non-aggressive hair-dying with molecular balance offers an all-over, warm natural tints and brightness, all in respect of the integrity of the skin and the hair. Low ammonia content and excellent fruit scent leave a nice perfume on the hair and in the working environment. Vitamin C improves the anti-oxidant action assuring a more lasting colour. The 4 vegetable oil shades - brown, blond, red and black - obtain and intensify the natural tints. Product dermatologically tested. Instructions: mix 1+1, super lightening 1+2. Size: 100ml tube. Hair color Hair color Cream hair colouring with micronutrients. Provides excellent grey jair coverage, even on fair shades. It has a warm natural base and a pleasant smell. Its special protective ingredients mean that it works n complete respect of your scalp and hair, without causing unpleasent burning sensation. Its latest generation pigments are able to develop fashion tones and colours with reflections. Leaves hair shiny and soft. Mix 1+1. Toner Shade on shade colouring "TONER" Shade on shade colouring "TONER" with vitamin C colouring and vegetable oils in four shades (brown - red - blond - black) has been developed in the Intercosmetics laboratories totally ammonia free, it covers white hair, bleached hair and tints natural hair in total safety. After treatment the hair remains soft and bright. The excellent fruit scent leaves a nice perfume on the hair and in the working environment. Product dermatologically tested. Instructions: for over-all cover 1+1 mix, for tints 1+1.5 mix. Size: 100ml tube. Free Color Mask Color mask Vivace FREE COLOR is an extremely effective beauty treatment, suitable for all types of hair, natural, dyed, bleached or highlighted which adds colour and shine. Once you have decided on the best shade for your hair colour, leave for between 3 and 20 minutes and then rinse well without shapooing. Special 3000 Color Vivace Special 3000 is a unique colour treatment that is capable of bleaching and dying hair in just a few minutes. You can even use it on prevously coloured dark hair. Its innovative formula, takes only fifteen minutes to realise and in one, single application you remove the old colour, replace it with the new and achieve, long lasting excellent results, coupled with really shiny hair. This product can be used in partial colouring treatment or in order to obtain toning highlights. It significantly reduces the amount of time employes by the hairdresse, without, howevere, damagin the hairâ
hair products
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