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Training for hairdressers Vercelli


COLOR TRENDS COLLECTIONS : spring / summer - autumn / winter The course is carried out 2 times a year at the launch of the fashion collections . Course objectives: To learn the new fashion collections and color streaks and techniques to carry out the services , learn how to use color as energy to regenerate and to convey positivity, interpret their creativity combined with new techniques to offer the woman a personalized service.

CUT ADVANCED COLLECTIONS : spring / summer - autumn / winter The course is carried out 2 times a year at the launch of the fashion collections . Course Objective : Deepening techniques and the geometry of the cut to work in a commercial manner , with great familiarity and mental flexibility , to get to play with all the simplicity FASHION TREND

COMMUNICATION COURSE : Course of communication and psychology. The P.N.L. Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of human excellence , is ability to be always at the best, is the new technology for the achievement of results. THE REAL JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY IS NOT IN SEARCH NEW LANDS , BUT OF HAVING NEW EYES . In this course are developed channels of communication and reception , deepens the technique of talking to the customers, you learn to listen . They will try to make sure that customers understand what you want to say . The course is open to all salon owners and employees , which lasted an afternoon.

COURSE CONDUCT : Course to improve the relationship with customers, we study the quality of service perceived by customers, how to behave in the conduct of the business and the satisfaction of the woman. THE CUSTOMER WHEN ' IN LIVING ROOM , SLEEPING BUT NOT LISTEN AND SEE EVERYTHING, what to do to get it right .

SALES AND MERCHANDISING : 3 hours (Monday afternoon ) Looking for any living room . The course leads to the knowledge of the participants , what are the best techniques for selling products, and the right exposure for resale, the study of space, hot spots and cold spots inside the hall .

CUT PHILOSOPHY ( for workers ) : The objective of the course: basic cutting , to learn the techniques and method for cutting safely with respect to the geometry and volume , while maintaining the right body posture and working safely on the result.

360 COLOR : Duration 1 day. Aimed at owners and employees . Course Objective : To become masters of color , learn to know your limits and exceed them , discover all the secrets of staining and discoloration from the basics to the most advanced diagnostic techniques and application. Colorimetry : How to use color with intelligence and logic , get used to using the star of OSWALD to play with primary colors , secondary and complementary. Capture the importance of the disk NEWTON to position and recognize the pigment of the customer that we face. Theory to cover hot topics and freddaGli exclusive to behave as colorist on various topics : pre -pigmentation, enhancing color , staining , bleaching , pickling, coloring of hair, virgin , avoiding the strikethrough . TOTAL LOOK : 2 days of training on the image globally. Looking for salon owners . During the seminar , we will study the color of the eyes, skin, hair , clothes , make-up recommended, you will learn the different types of women, the consonance and dissonance of the colors and what are the right combinations to enhance the beauty. The thorough study of colors, fabrics , clothing , fashion accessories allows you to identify no margin of error that type of woman you're dealing with . The knowledge of these arguments leads to the hairdresser to know how to advise the client on the total look is so unique in its beauty .

BASIC CUT MAN : Course Objective : Learn the techniques and the method to make the cut at safety , while respecting the geometry and volumes, and learn the basic of the " coiffure " and the accuracy of scissors and comb critical to professional growth

CUT MEN'S FASHION TREND : Duration 1 day (Monday ) Looking for salon owners who want to learn about new collections cutoff man , and the techniques of implementation of technical services related to men's fashion. The works are carried out on testamodello . At the end of the course, participants receive a dispensation technique , a certificate of participation .

BRIDAL HAIR : Duration 1 day (Monday ) Looking to owners or first collaborators who want to increase their knowledge of the world of wedding hairstyles . The course is operating , all work performed are photographed from all angles , after participants receive a dispensation technique , the CD with about 200 photographs of all work performed during the course

CHIGNON HAIR AND STRAW : Looking to owners or first collaborators who want to increase their knowledge of the world of hairstyles for special events such as gala dinners or New Year . The hairstyles are made on testamodello with average length 30/35 cm to give the participants a chance to learn how to make hairstyles for medium hair short on the evening , which is 70% of the female market . The hairstyles should be elegant, simple , and rapid development, to propose them to replace the normal fold. Upon completion , participants receive a dispensation technique , the CD with about 200 photographs of all work performed during the course, and a certificate of participation .

PHILOSOPHY We have prepared for our customers a wide ranging from basic courses for cutting, both men and women up to the more advanced courses that allow you to become experts Relooking able to offer advice and effective immediately expendable to customers (and why not to customers) of our Atelier .


Training for hairdressers Vercelli
Via Benadir, 86
13100 - Vercelli - Italy
Tel./Fax 0161/254635
training for hairdressers
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