Wedding Hairstyles and hairstyles evening

P.zza XX Settembre, 1/2 - 21100 - Varese (VA) - Italy
Tel: +39.0332.830866

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Hairdresser Varese

Starters and stylists:
Designer and manager of great experience, manages the new center Enzo Night Beauty "Backstage Night Club, located in the center of Varese.

Enzo is flanked by Alessia and Sabrina, daughter of the designer and skilled professionals, who coordinate the team capitanatola Fabio and six expert hairdressers, who follow an intensive training program within the group "Mod's Hair Paris.

Style environment:
The space is structured on two levels, featuring a modern look, essential, both glamorous and natural. Neo Zen environment, characterized by sophisticated detailing and neutral colors: brown leather seating, large mirrors and ivory walls, linear furniture and steel by the most famous international designers. Reserved and functional, very comfortable, and stylish, the show is completed by a booth reserved for treatments "Rituels K�rastase, furnished with a chair massage shiatsu.

Opening Days:
Tuesday - Saturday 09:00 to 18:30


Hairdresser Varese

Piazza XX Settembre, 1 / 2
21100 - Varese (VA)
tel. +39 0332 830866
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