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GOMMAGE COLOUR - DEMERAL - Hair Bleaches Lighteners

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Hair Bleaches Lighteners

GOMMAGE COLOUR is a special treat specific hair colored with pigments or artificial oxidation, which reduces gently and gradually the particles of color without damaging the hair, leaving intact the natural pigments rather stems without attacking them and not make them lighter than the natural. The most obvious advantage, in addition to not affect the structure of the hair, is given by its progressive action, which, while not requiring long exposure times, allows the operator to verify the gradual progress of the reduction of color to be able to decide when to intervene with rinsing. Due to its delicacy and its controllability is excellent for corrections partial and global and allows up to 3/4 applications per day.
method of use : in the case of uncertainty proceed with a preliminary strand test. Mix Phase 1 and Phase 2 in equal parts (1 +1) in a non-metallic bowl, then apply immediately and quickly on dry, unwashed hair. Deploy on all parties to correct and cover with a plastic shower cap, then put the hair under a helmet heat for 25 minutes. At the end rinse thoroughly and do a strand test by applying the oxidant 10 volumes. If darkens so obvious repeat for the second time the reduction of the pigment. If you do not darken so clear, proceed as follows : make 2 shampoos, hair by applying to neutralize the oxidizing agent in 10 volumes for about 3 minutes on the hair, then apply a post-treatment (Milk Shake HLX). Rinse and apply the color recipe decided.
package : Reducing kit with Phase 1 and Phase 2 catalyst tube.