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DAWA Kucciolo Bionik
DAWA Kucciolo Bionik - DAWA - Hair-dryer

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DAWA Kucciolo Bionik
DAWA - Hair-dryer

The modern cosmetic therapy

Giuseppe D'Elia has DAWA Kucciolo Bionik
The Modern Cosmetic Therapy

DAWA Kucciolo Bionik is a 100 % 'm Italian Made.
DAWA Kucciolo Bionik 5 Kv, The Professional hair dryer D' Excellence for The Modern Cosmetic Therapy ?, Which allows you to amplify during the drying and fixing intercellular penetration of cosmetic products within the hair, increasing the structure and firmness giving effect gives body.

Real Power Output : 2000-2200 watts
Weight: 450 Gr
Length : 200mm, Minimum Space In the Maximum Power
News : New system of emissions of Negative Ions and Infrared Energy New Engine Silent

DAWA Italian Spirit

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