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Intercosmetics was founded in 1987 as a company marketing their own brands, such as Raywell and Raykur. In 1993 he opened his own research laboratories and starts to produce products of high Trichology internally and starts selling in some European countries. In 1999, expands the size of its research laboratories and began working with academic medical testing dermatologically most of its products.
In 1999 he also began to produce for third parties for both Italian and European customers. In 2003 further expands giving birth to the brand ENVIE, thus expanding the references of production and consolidating its presence in European markets, Eastern European and Middle Eastern countries. Today ENVIE is a leading producer of colors, gels and hair products for the treatment of skin abnormalities and capillaries.



Settimo Milanese - Italy
Via Meucci, 16
Tel. +39 02 48926382 - Fax. +39 02 45329981
P. IVA: 12226170154

Hairdressers products
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