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From small company founded in 1978 in a small industrial warehouse and specialized in producing hair dryer, our company currently employs 50 employees in two facilities of 6000 square meters in total with dedicated lines for the production of all kinds of professional tools for hairstyling: no only hairdryer, therefore, but also plates, curling irons, speakers, accessories, hair clippers, brushes. Our designers and engineers make use of the latest electronic instrumentation and adopt innovative materials and systems for designing and testing products that meet the highest standards of quality, rigorously CE safety: thanks to fully automated lines we are able to translate into any product project, with perfection of shape, color and detail. On assembly lines, our experienced employees devote a cure still craft the delicate final assembly and packaging department products are further checked and carefully packaged to switch to direct shipping or warehouse, where they can get ready for delivery .

PHON ACTIVE OXYGEN: There is a revolutionary new air dryer range most of the strength of the oxygen active. After extensive research and after a long trial, Gamma has more looped into the dryer model Gamma più ACTIVE OXYGEN equipped with a special lamp that adds action typical of fon the effectiveness of a beneficial aura of Active Oxygen and placed it gently on the hair.
PHON 3500 TORMALIONIC: L'Evolution Turbo Compressor Technology increases the pressure and the velocity of air in contact with the brushes. The grid is coated with tourmaline which ionizes the air, making your hair more bright and vivid.
PHON E-TC LIGHT: All the power in a feather 2100W only 390 grams. Professional hair dryer compact and lightweight technology with E-TC (EVOLUTION TURBO COMPRESSOR) increases the pressure and speed of the air in contact with the brushes. Grid coated with tourmaline, ionizes the air, making your hair more bright and vivid.
PLATES I-EXTRA NANO TITANIO: Matrices amortized nano titanium coated for maximum smoothness on the hair and create a style effortlessly with great professional-looking results that last longer. Electronic control of the heat distributed uniformly over the entire length of the platelets.
PLATES KERATIN: The plates Keratin were created Keratin treatments. Arrays are amortized on a rapid heating coated Titan. High temperatures (230 ° C -450 ° F) for a perfect yield of treatments to keratin.
PLATES ONE+: With the plates One + ironing reaches perfection. The matrices are amortized Seracite and the plate with the maximum smoothness, gives shine to the hair. Perfect ironing at a first pass: less stress on the hair. Ideal for curls and waves. ________________

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Tel: +39 030.7750077
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