Collections 2014/2015 hair cuts - hairstyles Wedding Services

Via Severo Carmignano, 33/37 - 00151 - Roma (RM), Italy
Tel: +39.06.98872497

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Collections 2014/2015 hair cuts - hairstyles Wedding Services

Owners and designers: The international success of Alexander Abei, hairstylist of immense talent as well as skilled trainer and photographer, are the result of experience and constant commitment and enthusiasm are shared with every valuable member of the team "Gogen."
Style of: The new Roman space opened in 2013 in the heart of Rome, a few steps from the Spanish Steps, fully defines the refined style and avant-garde designers 'team' Gogen. "The living room is functional and fashionable, filled with a warm and distinctly elegant furnishings and dashed by the end design combined with neutral tones, sophisticated and wraparound leather seats.

Collections 2014/2015 hair cuts - hairstyles Wedding Services

Via Severo Carmignano, 33/37
Roma - 00151
Tel: +39 06 98872497

Via Porto Elina, 13
Salerno - 84121
Tel: +39 089 220248

Via Arnale Rosso 31/A
Fondi - Latina - 04022
Tel: +39 389 8891249

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