Collections 2014/2015 hair cuts - hairstyles Wedding Services

Via Severo Carmignano, 33/37 - 00151 - Roma (RM), Italy
Tel: +39.06.98872497

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Collections 2014/2015 hair cuts - hairstyles Wedding Services

Owners and designers:Jerry Del Duca from an early age proves to be attracted to the world of hair and already in 1988, still very young, he began to attend an academy in the capital and then to undertake a course of study at international level before he moved to London at the Vidal Sassoon Academy, then at the Toni & Guy Academy and then at the Academy of Rita Rusk Glasgow. After honing technique and learned a lot from the "big" in the industry, he returned to Italy and undertakes the job of "Director" for various salons. Just twenty-three years he opened his first salon establishing itself as a successful fashion designer, thanks to its expertise and professionalism, but above all thanks to his keen eye for trends. Jerry's passion, his dedication and commitment in 2007 to allow him to be part of "Team Gogen," which is now the artistic director in 2011 and which won the International Vision Award in London in the context of 'scope Alternative Show. Jerry Del Duca draws its inspiration from the architecture and the geometry of translating the art style.
Stile dell'ambiente: The lounge in the province of Latina is very large, with modern furniture, minimalist and linear; The predominant colors are white and black.

Owners and designers:The training of excellence ago by Marco Lamberti, valuable leader of his living room, one of the best stylists in the area in addition to qualify as a trainer-tutor. Thanks to "Team Gogen" managed to bring out unreleased sides of his personality style: he argues that teamwork is very often the key to the success of an activity because stimulus and incentive to it. Marco draws its inspiration from the art even aside from the world that surrounds it, is always ready to debate and attentive to fashion but in respect of personal freedom, not falling into banality or uniformity. Mark was also the winner of the prestigious "International Visionary Award" in 2011 with Team Gogen in the context of the Alternative Hair Show.
Stile dell'ambiente:The lounge, located in the historic center of the city of Salerno, is easily reachable thanks to its strategic location and is designed as a meeting place for many prominent personalities of the city and province. The style is youthful and at the same time refined and elegant.


Collections 2014/2015 hair cuts - hairstyles Wedding Services

Via Severo Carmignano, 33/37
Roma - 00151
Tel: +39 06 98872497

Via Porto Elina, 13
Salerno - 84121
Tel: +39 089 220248

Via Arnale Rosso 31/A
Fondi - Latina - 04022
Tel: +39 389 8891249

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