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L´unico giornale on-line della moda-capelli aggiornato quotidianamente con notizie, informazioni e pettegolezzi del settore. Quotidiano di sicuro interesse per chi vuole saperne sempre più degli altri sulle nuove tendenze, gli stili, le offerte e l´andamento del settore ma anche sugli avvenimenti mondani e non, su quello che è successo, quello che succede e quello che succederá!
The only on-line hair-fashion web journal updated every day with new, information and gossip about the sector. A daily web journal certain to be of interest to people that want to be kept informed not only about new trends, styles, bargains and patterns in the sector but also about fashion and other events, what has happened, what is happening and what is going to happen!
Die einzige Online-Zeitung für Haarmode, täglich mit den letzten Nachrichten, Informationen und Gossip der Branche aufgefrischt. Ein sicherlich interessantes Tageblatt für all jene, die immer informiert sein möchten über neue Trends, Stilrichtungen, Angebote und branchenspezielle Entwicklungen, doch auch über Glamour-Ereignisse und weniger prominente Veranstaltungen, über all das, was sich schon ereignet hat, gerade passiert, oder noch kommt!
CHRONIQUE MONDAINE: le seul journal en ligne de la haute coiffure, pour une information quotidienne, des nouvelles, des renseignements et des potins du secteur. Quotidien d´un intérêt certain si vous en savoir toujours plus que les autres sur les nouvelles tendances, les styles, les offres et l´évolution du secteur, mais aussi sur les événements mondains et moins mondains, sur ce qui s´est produit, ce qui se produit et ce qui va se produire!
CHISME: la única publicación en línea sobre moda del cabello, actualizada a diario con noticias, informaciones y chismes del sector. Un boletín de seguro interés para los que quieren saber siempre más que los demás sobre las nuevas tendencias, los estilos, las ofertas y el comportamiento del sector, pero también sobre los eventos mundanos o menos, lo que ha sucedido, lo que sucede, ¡y lo que sucederá!

Moda Capelli / Hair Fashion

18 Jun 18

Hans Beers, Javier Ansotegui, Julienne Zwering


Being attractive doesn’t mean you are available to everyone. Women are not toys. Be beautiful, be proud and empower yourselves.
The hair of the collection #MeToo is extravagant, full of expression and a bit daring. Blunt cuts, short fringes and shave undercuts combined with frivol styling. Colors are: orange, grey, violet, blue, green and yellow. Anything goes, as long as it is being done with passion. Conviction is key.

Collection: Me Too
Ph: Richard Monsieurs
Make-up: Juliette den Ouden
Styling: Stefhanie Blokland
Concept and Production: Hans Beers @ Hans Beers Hair Stage


20 Jun 18

Shogo Ideguchi


With this collection Shogo Ideguchi wanted to show the elegance and beauty you can find in cold and the shapes and shades of ice. Each image has strong shape and texture that reflects both the brittle sharp angles of frost captured shapes and the smooth solid form of ice. Colours in the hair combine with cool toned makeup are reminiscent of the colours of nature still visible under the translucent whiteness of ice. A theme continued through the clothes and styling where soft shapes and colours are trapped in the hard grip of a deep chill.

Collection: Cold Nature
Ph: John Rawson
Make-up: Lan Grealis
Styling: Jared Green



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