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GOSSIP: the only on-line hair-fashion web journal updated every day with new, information and gossip about the sector. A daily web journal certain to be of interest to people that want to be kept informed not only about new trends, styles, bargains and patterns in the sector but also about fashion and other events, what has happened, what is happening and what is going to happen!

Gossip & news and information, daily newspaper web free dedicated to the news of the hair fashion area, hairdresser and aesthetics and hair stylists, provenienti from all of the world. Gossip wants to transmit to the operating of the area the photography of us that happens in the market day for day, cos from always to to be updated on every front: public in fact articles on throw again professional products for hair, for the body and trick, hair fashion tendencies, hairdo, short, long hair cuts of proposals or middle, man and woman, collections of the better international gossip designers. And 'to note for that these information are of interest for the professional but also for the public: often in fact the compiling receives e-mail with varied requests from women and girls that hold us to the beauty, to the care of the actual person and of the hair and find in this site the replies to the actual questions. Obviously for our readers they are mainly operating of the area: they are hairdressers, directors of business, commercial, wholesalers and distributors, Italians and foreign countries. Here perch Gossip is occupied also of acquisition of brands, business strategies, communications on agents of products for hairdressers, forces sold, suppliers of articles, secondary and furnishing for lounges of beauty, consideration of the market and analysis. To the fine one then of to want to integrate the Italian market of the professional cosmetics with the international one, favoring the exchanges of import export between businesses and distributors in the world, Gossip transmits report of fairs and events of the area, you announce of question and offer, search for the personal one (that of habit in the commercial field and of sale). To give an entire service of information and objective to the reader, Gossip & public gossip also a review prints with the specific news of interest for the user discusses from middle newspapers traditional like: The alone one 24 Hours The Mail of the Evening Anna Elle. The strategic news of nature business I am I discuss from institutes and official sources like "Unipro, associated Confindustria; Contromarca, italian associated press agency, Reuters. ..â
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