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Italy has always been , in the distant past trade , the country of the professional guilds : unions professionals who supported each other to achieve mutual benefits . Our cities all have a "way of Merchants" , " street of goldsmiths " and many others like it , because for hundreds of years it was understood that the concentration of activity " sisters " in the same neighborhood or in the same street is economically and socially convenient.
In almost all the cities of Europe and the world things have remained so , and there are whole districts citizens dedicated to the commercial sector. In Italy in recent decades there has been instead the decentralization of business because retailers have been afraid of competition and instead feel stimulated to do more and more , they raised barricades. The Italian law has gone along with this trend the removal, often imposing distance constraints between similar stores .
Stay together attracts customers , stimulates imagination and creativity , protects young entrepreneurs can learn from the most experienced emulating them , regulates prices . In one district sector, otherwise the aggregation of the shops in a shopping center , the profits do not go music with the franchisee or the manager of the center, but all enter into the pockets of the shopkeeper . In addition, but no less important , the location of a shopping street is usually in the center of the city and not relegated to the periphery as in a large multi-store center . This increases the prestige stores , the volume of customers and the target number of visitors .
Fortunately, today things are changing in Italy and the corners of the city back to be characterized by sales categories . In Milan, for example, next to Via Montenapoleone , the fashion district, between via and via Uptown Speronari has developed the way of Taste.
In the virtual world is the latest addition Haircity.biz , a district entirely dedicated to the world of hair and dell'hairfashion : a succession of impressive window displays with the biggest brands in hair care. Companies , distributors of professional hair products and hair salons run along the sidewalks offering their bids , soliciting passers-by with the most original proposals. In Haircity.biz you have the possibility to contact directly the manufacturers of cosmetics for hair , have technical or commercial information , seek advice , get advice and , of course , buy any type of product has to do with hair.
Dyes , relaxers , perms , products for the finish and styling treatments from the best brands on the market are also available for those who want to buy now. The nail industry has here the shops of excellence , the best enamels and nail care products for the view and you can choose with confidence. Even the best hairdressers accessories are on display in the windows and in stores : helmets, plates but also capes and disposable products to stock up on all that we can be useful for the care and beauty of hair.
The beauty is finally also make up : the tricks of the latest generation are colorful and hypoallergenic , safe from the dermatological point of view . Each purchase in Haircity.biz is safe, fast , easy , just a click away hair care because the city is " on line" .

selling hair products
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