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Hans Beers, Javier Ansotegui, Julienne Zwering @ Hans Beers Hair Stage

capelli lunghi, capelli crespi, capelli cotonati, long hair, fuzzy hair, back combed hair

Stephanie & Ashley Gamble

capelli corti, capelli lisci, ciuffo, mches bionde, long hair, tied back, sweep to the side, blond mches


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Ashleigh Hodges

capelli lungo, capelli liscio, ciuffo laterale, mches verde, mches rosso, long hair, straight hair, lock sweep to the side, green mches

Christine Margossian

capelli medi, capelli lisci, caschetto, capelli raccolti, medium hair, straight hair, bob, tied back


capelli lunghi, capelli castani, pettinatura con riga in mezzo, acconciatura vaporosa, capelli mossi, long hair, brown hair, hair with parted in the middle, fluffy hairstyle, wavy hair


capelli lunghi, pettinatura con frangetta, frangetta media, capelli castani, capelli mossi, capelli vaporosi, capelli castano chiaro, long hair, hairstyle with bangs, bangs medium brown hair, wavy hair, fluffy hair, light brown hair


capelli lunghi, capelli castani, capelli ricci, acconciatura raccolta, brown hair

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