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© F.A.M.E. Team 2016 COLLECTION

© F.A.M.E. Team 2016

Alberto Salvador @ Salvador Fashion & Creative Hairstyles

capelli corti, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, ciuffo, mches, short hair, straight hair, sweep to the side, layering cut, mches

Heather Nelson @ Nelson Hairdressing

capelli medi, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, frangia, mches lavanda, mches viola, medium hair, straight hair, layering cut, bangs, violet mches, lavender mches

Dmitri Papas

capelli lunghi, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, mches bionde, long hair, straight hair, layering cut, blond mches


capelli corti, capelli lisci, capelli mossi, taglio a caschetto, capelli color arancio-rame, pettinatura con elemento artistico forato, short hair, straight hair, wavy hair, bob cut hair orange-copper, combing with artistic element drilled

J.7 Artistic Team

capelli medi, capelli ricci, capelli scalati, medium hair, curly hair, layering cut


capelli biondi, capelli ricci,capelli lunghi, acconciatura raccolta,blonde hair, curly hair, long hair, thoughtful hairstyle


capelli rossi, capelli lunghi, capelli lisci, capelli sciolti, acconciatura con riga in mezzo, acconciatura semplice, taglio scalato, red hair, long hair, straight hair, hair loose, hairstyle with parted in the middle, simple hairstyle, cut graduated

Ryosei Takuma

capelli corti, capelli lisci, taglio scalato, frangia, short hair, straight hair, layering cut, bangs

Jenni Tarrant, Shaun Pollard & Mitchell Biles @ Bond Hair Religion

capelli lunghi, capelli ricci, capelli scalati, colpi di sole, long hair, curly hair, layering cut, highlights


capelli biondi, capelli lunghi, acconciatura raccolta, capelli effetto spettinto, capelli effetto cotonato, blonde hair, long hair, hair collection, hair effect spettinto hair swab effect

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