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Italian & International Hair Fashion - No.4 2009
Hair Fashion from the best Italian and foreign designers

I.H.F. Image is the new magazine for hairdressers and their clients, (quarterly out 4 times a year: March-June - September - December) with lots of hair fashion images in large format proposed by famous Italian and foreign designers.
A practical and modern magazine, which is easily accessible with the sun, many, beautiful glamorous and trendy hairstyles for everyone and for all needs. Many ideas fashion show, as they are or propose to interpret and customize once, just for your customers!

Fashion hair / hairstyles autumn-winter 2009-2010
Elegant and modern ...
Bob blond tuft with immaculate slid forward to cover the eye like the petal of a lily.
A blaze of bright red to invigorate a short cut very fine. Short or crop? The lines in harmony with well-kept a perfect profile, from facial features to the structure of hairdressing, leaving a pleasant doubt for a really chic. Mix with soft hues of art, for an excellent result: the caramel creme brulee for a cut very nice and smooth. A Torchon corrugated side in warm tones of brandy from the line in the middle, creates an atmosphere of an elegant woman trendy and essential. Nuances of the neck to the tuft, from hazelnut to platinum with impetuous cotonature decided to give it a really short with grit which highlights the neck and profile. Couple in color and contrast volumes, in line for elegance in classic black with white Zabo. Man has two versions to the fold: first, very simple fringes oblique to all grease, for the second, more sporty jacket with black, the tuft is raised. Net color to almost white-blond evanescence, heated by delicate nuances comb, highlighted by cutting hours shifted, now frayed, now more linear rows of side fringes from high to women decided that they know what they want. The hair like a big clump of honey and cinnamon cream to put on a beautiful cherry cake with candles, to create volumes ondualto soft and fluffy. A short cut decorated with a tuft of curly hard as ice in the shades of walnut, sand, egg white that seem to reflect the light of the precious diamond. Ricci casual, with light move in the shades of cinnamon and hazelnut for an informal look of a boy hair between the creative and sports.

Step by step: Cut and color schemes to be implemented immediately!
Make up: Like a diva. An autumn full glamor, clothes, accessories, hair and makeup. Like a diva from retro, then, as then, the real protagonist of make-up is the lipstick. Excellent products that follow the trend of the moment are opaque lipsticks Madina, creamy and durability.

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