Gaetano Giovansante

Gaetano Giovansante


Gaetano Giovansante, stylist and image consultant started his career at the age of 5. He amused himself with shaping haircuts, because inside him this profession was innate. His greatest satisfactions are the changes that he creates every day in every single person; client’s emotions are his pride.  He aspires to become the “one and only” in the hairdesign world.

What is your role in the company? What is your job?

My role in the company, in my shop, is stylist and image consultant.

Tell us how you started: your education and experiences

At the age of 5 years I began to practice on my brother and my sister, in addition to any doll that happen in my hands. I amused myself with them to shape in the cutting and bending, because inside me this profession was innate. Just so I achieved excellent results and many other moral and professional satisfaction.

Why did you choose this job? What are the rewards and difficulties?

I chose this job because I liked to do as a child. The greatest satisfactions are the changes that I create every day in every single person, because their emotions are my pride. But nowadays there are a lot of difficulties, because it is a complex job done by human beings and not by machines. I would still give an advice: “LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!”

Which are your goals, your ambitions, your dreams? 

My goal is to become the “difference” among many hairdressers in the world. I aspire in the future to have a complete workshop. Starting from her hair and finishing with the shoes to wear, to be a perfect look maker. My dream? Be rich!

Your inspiration: the best hairstylists in the world, in your opinion, who are they?

Wandering around the world have known hair stylist of the highest level, but for me, the absolute number one is Aldo Coppola.

2017: how are changing the habits of customers?

Technology has changed the vision of our clients.

What does women want?

Women want to be “unique”. Uniqueness is synonymous with “beauty.” Women don’t care care about the costs of a change of image that make her feel good. Ah, she wants more and more “shock” proposals!

Which is the trend of the moment? Rough or smooth? Long or short?

Fashion is created, not followed. The trend is towards the blur, the short is based on age. But with long hair you always reinvents yourself, year after year,  it never goes out of style, it’s easier to shape thanks to the extension of which I am the best in my city.

The color approaches, on the basis, are closer to the natural color, to avoid the very bad effect of the “regrowth”.

The “color” has saved the receipts of the salons in recent times. And in the future?

Color is the “treasure” of every salon, but having lots of services in our list is a great asset..
future is having as many services as possbile.

The English Cutting in Italy makes it hard to be assimilated by the mass. Why?

 Because, first of all, the appearance of an English and an Italian are extremely different,  then the climatic conditions here in Italy are different from the English ones. Italian women prefer less geometric precision, but more lightness and portability.

What do you think of “natural” products? Are they a viable alternative?

I think that natural products are good, but there is still a very low demand. They are a good alternative for those who for reasons of skin intolerance or sensitivity cannot use anything different.

Which is your relationship with the cosmetic companies? Collaboration or distance?

I have a good relationship with the industry leaders, and with them I collaborate to test and increase day by day the quality of the product.

Does people who work from home or in customer’s home disturb you?

Honestly they don’t even bother me, but they make me what is called a “professional” hairstylist.

How is the service/price relationship?

Today hairstylists should give more services instead of raising raising prices!

Who offer the best service in the distribution: the direct seller, the wholesaler/distributor or the e-commerce?

With the progress of time they have changed the methods of distribution. I think the one which is the leader right now is e-commerce.

How do you discover the novelties of the market?

During my spare time I always keep myself updated, looking for novelties, styles and services.

What do you think of adveritising?

Advertising, to me, is essential, even if you are an international company; just look at “COCA-COLA”!

Are fairs an important appointment? What would you like to find?

Fairs allow you to find always something new, they’re a good date for every professional of the fashion sector.

Keeping update has a costs, how do you approach the problem?

My staff and I are always updating ourselves. I have never thought to have something for free and knowledge has a price, with the difference that with the success then you feel rewarded for everything you’ve spent. We do a lot of courses!

What do you think of Social Network?

I think they are a useful mean of communication when used correctly.

Do you have a website? Is it always up to date? Have you at least good visibility?

Yes of course. I created my website www.giovansantehair.com years ago. The website is managed by many people, under my supervision. I must admit that my site is very visible on the web platform.

From whom do women take inspiration? From TV? From Internet? From magazines? By her friends? From the road?

Every woman has the right “influencers” regarding hair fashion, maybe by watching TV, or surfing the internet, but I also believe the look of a friend or a simple magazine could inspirate

There is a great salon? As? (Type of space, window, furniture, shopping center, unisex, number of employees etc …)

The ideal living there, why not? It must be cozy, tidy, with a nice showcase, an appropriate decor, cozy and unisex which is good! Fundamental to it all: the right employees.

How do you see the formation of associations and the franchise?

The association can be advantageous. And my dream is one day to have a franchise with my brand.

Companies should inform the woman with advertising support or hairdresser?

I think companies should support the hairdresser. Sellers seem to be the weak link in the chain: lack of technical information, do not know the rules of the sale, much less the organization … but they are not! Although work 3 or 4 days a week. The biggest problem is that a large percentage of existing sellers do not have a good dialectic and probably the market rules that do not reach the sales in a short time will be relieved of their duties. After several flops change job for this are endangered.

What are the leading companies in the market today in your opinion? All the names you want …

L’Oréal, Kérastase, Olaplex, Oway and many other companies, truly a market leader, growing, because before you produce it has been carefully studied, also my personal brand G & G which simply means GIOVANSANTE GAETANO.

Because the collections of several hairstylists are increasingly looking to impress once again that not a real proposal to be redone in the fashion salon?

Because I think they just want to impress and do a show. Not thinking that this creation will never be a proposal for the salon, so consequently a source of non-profit.

The Media how and where to act to influence the public?

The media do much, just think of all the fashion services offering as well as the many programs on care of the body.

The Giovansante Hair was born as a hair shop, but it’s actually a real Beauty Salon, created by the international lookmaker Gaetano Giovansante who has participated to several TV reality shows and events. In Giovansante Hair you can find a qualified and competent staff that will help you to revolutionize your image.

Visit the Salon: via Pagano 3 and via Roma 50 in Caserta, Italy.