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Luca Anderloni

Luca Anderloni

Foreign Commercial Manager

Luca Anderloni is Foreign Commercial Manager for Gamma Più.

He handles the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Benelux, Scandinavia and ASEAN country market.

He manages Gamma Più’s clients list and he works to make the distribution net strong and profitable.

GLOBElife met Luca Anderloni, who manages the U.S. market. We are delighted to share his story with our readers.

Welcome, Luca. Please tells our readers about Gamma Più!

Our story started with four young Italian men with no money, who in 26 years, has managed to create a company with solid roots in Italy and an international distribution network. We were risk-takers, who love crafting innovative and beautiful tools. For Gamma Più stakeholders, quality comes first and our goal is to bring real benefits to the hairdressers with education and products that deliver value.
The Gamma Più brand was born in 1988. During the first year of this new adventure, we have produced about 5,000 hairdryers in one unique model. After a couple of years, two new models were introduced in its range and very soon, we realized that we had to focus on quality and original design to enlarge our production.
Today Gamma Più produces 800,000 hairdryers and 200,000 straightening irons per year, and it’s a leader in the production of innovative, pure Italian style hairdryers and accessories.

Who are your partners?

Valter Sartori, one of the fouders, is our general sales manager. I also am a founder and I manage the business in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Benelux, Scandinavia and ASEAN countries. I handle our client portfolio and I work to make our distribution network effective and profitable.

Tell me about your R&D and production capabilities.

Our R&D is focused on developing products that hairdressers want and need, keeping their comfort and safety in mind. Take our Relax hair dryer model, for example. Hairdressers frequently experience hearing loss as well as arm and shoulder problems, we’ve made the Relax model super quiet and super lightweight, more balanced and extremely easy to handle. Using it once hairdressers can immediately understand the  benefits of using this dryer in the form of less fatigue and a dramatically quieter working environment.
Our Relax model provides reduced acoustic stress, minimizing noise in the salon to facilitate communication with clients. Thanks to our proprietary technology, Relax reduces the emission of electromagnetic waves by 97%, compared with traditional hairdryers.

What is the benefit?

Our high-performance model reduces drying time, thanks to air flow, pressure and temperature designed to maximize hairdressers’ time in the salon.

Can you please be more specific?

Finally, Relax is eco-friendly. We’ve designed it to limit the consumption to just 1600W, maintaining high performance. Both its case and packaging are recyclable.

What are some of your other new products and/or best sellers that you’d like to tell our readers about?

The Gamma Più Active Oxygen model is the only dryer with active oxygen technology. The benefits include long-lasting hair color and shinier and softer hair. It’s available in white, blue and black.
The Gamma Più E-T.C. Light Tormalionic hair dryer produces massive power combined with a lightweight and quiet unit. It incorporates a patented new system that multiplies air speed and pressure for faster drying. It’s available in fashionable purple, black, orange, green, gray and pink.
At 2100 W, the Gamma Più Ion Ceramic S model is the most powerful ionic dryer. It dries the hair quickly, leaving it shinier and healthier, thanks to the ionic effect. It’s available in red, white, black and gray.
The Gamma Più 3500 Tormalionic Hair Dryer provides maximum hair flow and heat for styling curly or thick hair with a tormalionic effect. It also comes with two nozzle attachments for a quick styling and smoothing. It’s available in black and red.
Finally, the Gamma Più 7005 Tormalionic Hair Dryer has an exclusive design that allows the stylist to grip the front part of the dryer for maximum control without burning the fingers, thanks to special anti-sliding and anti-burning strips.
Finally, to ultimate hair styling, Gamma Più offers two professional straighteners with electronic digital control. The I-Extra features an LCD display with temperature readout and floating nano titanium plates. It guarantees excellent smoothing and it’is ideal to create curls and bends. The Digital Control model features  1 x 3.5-inch plates, while the XL Digital Control model features 1.65 x 3.5-inch plates.

What is your distribution model?

We do not have a US master distributor. Our American distributors buy from us and they sell to salons. We adopted this distribution model in 2014. Price-wise, we believe this model makes us very competitive in comparison to other European manufacturers.

Can you please give us more specific information?

We offer an exclusive distribution rights to distributors who can cover their territory extensively and achieve turnover targets in a reasonable time. We look for long-term partnerships that are profitable for both parties.


Gamma Più was founded 26 years ago by four business partners who wanted to manufacture and market the highest quality professional electrical tools. With offices and production facilities in Northern Italy, the company distributes its products worldwide both under its own brand, as well as via contract manufacturing relationships.

After providing contract manufacturing services to the U.S. market for 2 decades, in March 2011, Gamma Più re-launched its branded tools to the U.S. market. Today, it seeks distribution partners who are looking for tools that are set apart by innovation, quality and style. It also continue to offer its contract manufacturing services to brands that are looking for top quality Italian tools.


Via Caduti del Lavoro 22, 25046 Cazzago San Martino (Brescia), Italy