Riccardo Vedani

Riccardo Vedani


Riccardo Vedani, General Manager of Vedani s.r.l. has started his career at 26 years old at the side of his mother running the family’s perfumery chain. After his father’s death in July 2006, he decided to bring the father’s hairdressing company back to the top. After 10 years of sacrifice and hard work today the Vedani s.r.l. is again considered the most important company specialized in the hair fashion industry and has returned to be the leader in our territory.

What is your role in the company? What is your job?

I am the administrator of Vedani s.r.l. I’m certainly an abnormal owner because I really do a lot of everything inside my company. I love dealing with business strategy applied directly to the field, following the sales force and verifying in person the results.

How did you get started? What kind of training and experience did you do?

Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of completing my study path and taking up a job career alongside my parents who were dealing with 2 distinct companies in different fields. My dad was dealing with wholesale hairdressing products and my mom was dealing with managing a perfumery company. In my spare time, when I was not busy with the school, I made my small contribution to the company and tried to be useful to my family. I did it to spend my time and not for need. During my youth, “the beautiful life” clearly had the upper hand over university and work commitments.

I started to work in perfumery in 1997, after university studies, at the age of 26. I started to work alongside my mother who ran 2 perfumes with a turnover of around € 700,000. In 2005, the number of employees amounted to more than 40 units and we had an annual revenues of over € 5.000.000. Our stores were very appealing and numerous multinationals went ahead to try to buy us. Our company’s trading was completed at the end of 2007 when the company had now reached annual sales of € 6,500,000.

The day after the sale I was already at work, focused on my new project: bringing up the company specialized in hairdressing supplies, which after the death of my father Enrico, in the terrible july 2006, had had a very sharp decrease in the quotas. This company had been the reference point of all the hairdressers of Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta, and had been the leader for at least 25 years. Unfortunately, at the end of 2006, it came to great financial and economic difficulties. After 10 years of persevering work in a political-financial scenario of a full-blown economic crisis and a super-competitive sector market made up of new players who had acquired increasingly important market slices, we managed to regain our lost credibility , our real value and a very important market share. Today the Vedani s.r.l. is again considered to be the most important company specialized in the industry and has returned to be the leader in our territory. All this, however, is not enough: I dream of developing our brand throughout Italy to recognize it as a guarantee seal of a company capable of delivering international quality products in exclusivity. I want to acquire about 20 distributors of our import brands, able to replicate exactly what we have been developing over the past 3 years: we have found the right formula through the most competent professionals I’ve been able to choose and train, to create a motivated and winning team to help other distributors, in other parts of Italy, to replicate our success.

Why did you choose this job? What are the satisfaction and the difficulties?

I chose this job to give continuity to the family company, by the pride of my last name and because I consider it extremely rewarding. Just because I love my job, I do not encounter any problems or difficulties.

What are your goals, your ambitions and your dreams?

My dream is a well-organized, super-structured family-run company that meets all consumer needs at 360 degrees, from private consumers to the international salon chain, from shop design to technical stylist training. I would like to become the benchmark of hairdressers on a very large scale.

Who inspires you? Who are the best managers in the world?

Piedmont is really rich in illustrious characters who have made the history of our country and is rich in world-renowned valued managers. Certainly Dr. Marchionne is a model to imitate because of tenacity and perseverance. I advocate the lawyer Agnelli not only for his diplomacy and for his greatness, but also for his great ability to divide his working moments from the pleasure.

Which are the market leaders in your opinion?

I want to point out my admiration for Madame Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel, the famous and renowned French designer Madame Coco, founder of Chanel House. Rue Cambon Paris summarizes everything I would really like to accomplish. My secret dream. Chanel is the brand that I prefer and I feel to be the undisputed leader ever in the field of fashion and luxury. An endless elegance and refinement.

How are the market habits changing in these years?

I think the half-measures, like the Italian and world average bourgeoisie, are disappearing. A world massive, accessible to everyone, a world of multinationals, where it only counts the lowest price, a world reserved for few elected, dearly expensive is very discriminating. It is necessary to develop a strong sense of belonging.

What does the market require? Beauty? Savings? News?

The market for each of us is made up of moments. The same people, even the most abundant ones, have different desires at different times. In some cases, looking for beauty, they sometimes look for savings, but when looking for news they are willing to shell out any number, even to have it and then show it. We live in a society that believes in appearing, in a world where appearances count unhappily more than being.

Do you see signs of change?

The change is continuous. The world evolves and changes, instant by instant. What I thought yesterday is not necessarily what I think today. It is really extraordinary to see how the world can change after second. Actually I think the economic crisis has never existed. But I believe in the inability of the entrepreneurs to adapt to changes. Today’s entrepreneur must absolutely have great ability to adapt to new conditions to meet the needs that change day by day. Many economic sectors have not suffered the economic crisis, indeed, they have strengthened and have grown incredibly.

Prices have been blocked for some time. How do I report to you?

The prices follow very rational and scientific principles according to 2 fundamental elements, namely demand and supply. This is the market. If the market goes crazy, prices also go crazy. You don’t have to give up the rules of a competitive market that has seen a lot of companies making absurd decisions to lower their prices. Lowering prices in an attempt to be competitive in order to survive leads very quickly to bankruptcy. The only solution is to diversify and differentiate.

Who offers the best distribution service: the company’s direct salesman, wholesaler / distributor,

It’s hard to say, but I’m sure of one thing. If you want to be exclusive and unique you have to follow only one channel. I am opposed to e-commerce, but I consider it a valid product sales tool, if the entrepreneur decides to turn to customers solely through this service, eliminating any other distribution channel.

I personally believe in people, in men, and in interpersonal relationships. The best service offers this company that invests in the training of its men, with the goal of building men capable of establishing lasting relationships and relationships with their customers. Customers, in fact, should not simply be considered customers or consumers or buyers. My clients are not just those who do business but they also are the ones to have the pleasure of sharing life and interests with.

What’s the ideal Company like?

The ideal company today is extremely complex and elaborate, but in a simple and comprehensible way, with clear and reachable goals. I don’t want to look presumptuous, but my company today is just the ideal company I would like to work in.

Do companies need to inform women about advertising or support the hairdresser for fashion distribution?

I’m sure the real secret of success goes through the culture and training of salon owners, especially those who know how to communicate to their customers, those who know the rules of communication well.

How could sellers actually help a salon? If he doesn’t do who is to blame?

The seller must always be present. It must have consistency, perseverance and continuity. It must always find new stimuli and get up in the morning with a strong altruistic spirit, to be able to solve at any time the problems or needs of the salon, but, above all, to encourage salon holders to adopt and implement the best strategies and programs studied by the manufacturers or their distributors. It is necessary that the message arrives to consumers and that is through salespeople, salon owners and employees who work in direct contact with end customers. This is why more and more companies’ success goes through the figures that until a few years ago were unreasonable. Success goes through excellent communication between the company and sellers, between sellers and customers, between employers and employees, employees and end customers. The firm and clear message of the company goes badly to the end customer. We must therefore ensure that this comes in the simplest and most comprehensible way possible.

This space is yours. Tell us what we didn’t ask for, but you would like us to know.

I have been studying for many years and have devoted body and soul to my projects. The biggest project I have achieved is the family. With my wife I have found a great inner strength and incredible spiritual strength. It is also important to have dreams that must be our goals. If we intend to reach them, we will have to take action. Every action must absolutely follow the fundamental principle of correctness based on deep ethics. The axiom of my life is “don’t do to others what you wouldn’t have done to you” I have turned it into “try to treat all people well, exactly as you would expect them to treat you. “

VEDANI SRL, based in Turin, has been, for over forty years, the leader in wholesale supplies of hairdressing and beauty products. Leader in the distribution of the most important brand names in the trichological sector, it can offer  an interior design service dedicated to hairdressing salons and beauty centers. Working in national territory with local agents and home delivery within 24 hours, the company is dynamic and responsive to the new market influences, and aims at “total customer satisfaction”, the complete satisfaction of the customers.