over than 50 years serving hairdressers and aestheticians.

Riccardo e Roberto Colombo

Riccardo e Roberto Colombo


Riccardo and Roberto Colombo, along with their sister Nadia, welcomed the working heritage of their father, Franco, founder of the company Muster & Dikson, leader in the production of cosmetics, equipment and furnishings for hairdressers and aesthetics.

“Colombo’s Brothers” have always approached the market with a great charge of dynamism and professionalism, bringing the family company to become one of the main international enterprise in the field of beauty.



Muster & Dikson, the family business, has forged and fascinated them at the same time, with the charm that this industry issues towards those who dedicate themselves with enthusiasm and passion, then it offered them a unique opportunity to make their choices, the proposals, the R & D, marketing and sales strategies of a leading company that operates in all fields, from cosmetics to furniture, from equipment to professional aesthetics.

A challenge that they have collected with vigor, enthusiasm and desire to do. A challenge that they have always shared with their sister Nadia and with Franco, their father and founder of the company, that was born almost 50 years ago.

Their interview’s responses to Beauty Bazar are passionate:  they transmit concreteness and foresight, together with the knowledge of an industry that “the Colombo” preside at all its fold, as Muster & Dikson, like no other, has always been offering a truly comprehensive and diversified offer, addressed to the professional beauty market.

Will the future be better than the past?

It will certainly  be better, because the “dark” and sad periods, like the one we are all now living, trigger the charges for a disruptive levied.

The crisis puts into question, it forces you to think more, to disclose how to react in a flash. It does this with each of us, regardless of the occupation, social class or cultural background; in few word, it does that across the board.

It’s everyone’s reaction, firstly imperceptible, then clear and finally synergistic, which will allow the system, as in the past, to find new resources, to discover new paths to follow in order to progress. It’s already possible to see the signals, the future will be better, no doubt.

Who wins, Marketing or Commercial?

We win together, or we lose together!

If a mechanism is created to promote the business of a company, its gears must operate in perfect coordination, such as in a precision clock or, better, as in a system of detection and self diagnosis studied to detect the needs and indeed to preempt them, so as to offer the ideal solution, able to satisfy them immediately.

Of course there are overlapping margins between the skills of the two areas but that allow the interpenetration, as well as the clarity and uniqueness of the objectives; it is essential that the relations between their leaders don’t become conflictual, but rather interactive and aimed towards a common goal.

For Muster & Dikson the Trade is the “armed wing” and, at the same time, the aerial and the lightning rod of Marketing, while this is the interpreter of the demands and needs, as well as the engine of new proposals. A winning combination, tested and able to guarantee service, quality and innovation at the same time.

What’s the new frontier of distribution?

The market is a “complex organism”, which promptly reacts to new stimuli and difficulties, that’s why it’s selective, changeable and sometimes “naughty.”

But more than anything the market is diversified and suggest different approaching strategies depending on the circumstances and the interlocutors.

It’s proved the acceleration of the technological innovation produced over the past 20 years, turning our lives extraordinarily.

The market is the protagonist of this transformation, it also favors and models this change, creating new opportunities and offering diversified or “customized” solutions.

So we must be prepared to offer a differentiated policy, capable of a simple and immediate distribution service, maybe just a “click” away, but at the same time we must be willing to provide a comprehensive approach, where alleged or need, whether rich media, ideas, information, technical growth and experience transfer.

And who can deny that these two “worlds” must co-exist?

If today we see the wider diversification of the requests, it’s natural that the distribution, as a service, must indulge them all consistently and simultaneously: it’s clear, therefore, the importance of each channel of contact with the professional trader and, more generally, with the public. The tricky thing is being able to follow them all with professionalism and timing, thing that in Muster & Dikson we try to do with great commitment, collecting duly customer satisfaction.

Will the accessories have new weight of services in the gestures?

The small equipment, as well as the parts, are complementary to the use of haircare and cosmetic products in general, to ensure a quality service and to perform technical and sophisticated treatments, effectively and flawless.

The hairdresser knows it well and it’s not refractory to the continue offering of new solutions that the industry sector offers him.

Accessories, now, play a vital role, which in the past has certainly been less noticeable, but that has gradually assumed strategical and practical importance in every self-respecting salon.

Muster & Dikson offers about 2000 professional articles, designed for the professional use and often marked by innovation, usability and design. Trendy accessories are a real cue ball to us: we are studying new solutions in a constant and systematic way, enriching our offer with continuous innovations, as well as providing real help to the hairdresser, “squeezing the eye” to the beauty of the forms and the richness of the materials!

What’s the most striking feature of your company?

Innovation combined with service, no doubt!

Muster & Dikson has in its DNA the professional formulation and technological research.

We have scientific and technical laboratories directly within our structure and their constant research is the foundation of our business and our success.

It’s a direct consequence the specialization, which we “breathe” wherever and that differs division by division, only to find it in a synergistic way to the choice of strategy, for marketing actions and proposals to be put in.

Having a complete expertise and experience in such a particular, diversified and sometimes eclectic sector, knowing the trichological and special equipment, helps to actually interpret and foresight the trends, anticipating the market by being protagonists and offering real solutions for working people.

Muster & Dikson has also constantly invested on independent production, in particular in the trichological. It’s present in the company since the first debut on the market: sophisticated equipment, testing tools and automated lines, guaranting excellent quality of every product that leave our production lines of Cerro Maggiore.


A dynamic company for more than 50 years at the constant service of Hairdressers and Aestheticians, which studies, produces and acts in order to offer the best service and a wide range of superior products.

With a modern production structure distributed over 6 plants on a covered area of 60,000 square meters. (S.c.), Muster & Dikson guarantees the seriousness and promptitude of an articulated organization, active and characterized by a widespread work management.

The company, which was born and resides in Italy where broad support from customers, also operates internationally, exporting to 70 countries worldwide.

These prerogatives, combined with a dynamic sales organization and a widespread distribution, make Muster & Dikson a real reference point in the sector.


Via Kennedy, 20023 Cerro Maggiore (Milano), Italy