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Tino Bonino

Tino Bonino


Tino Bonino is the Commercial Director for Farmaca International, one of the leading companies in the production of professional hair cosmetics.

In the commercial sector since 1974, Tino has seen the evolution of the commercial role that today, he says, must work in symbiosis with marketing.

In the interview he tells us about the changes that have worked over the last thirty years, the new market prospects and the future of his industry.

Tino Bonino, Commercial Director for Farmaca International, talks to GLOBElife about the state of today’s market.

Which is your advice for the companies that want to take a look to the future?

We can’t say now whether the future is going to be better or worse; each situation must be lived in a different way and, consequently, we must move and activate ourselves in different ways. Certainly the first and only diktat to follow is to keep high attention to catch all the nuances of the market.

How the market has changed from a few years ago?

For years our market has been static (meaning that all companies were planning the launch of new products year by year, letting understand how they would have moved), now everything has changed … with the advent of internet, e-commerce and new distribution systems, there is a continuous change of products. You have to be careful probing to understand how the market moves and his consumption.

What does that change for those involved in the commercial sector mean?

This trend, of course, also changed the vision of the role of marketing and distribution; I’m in this industry since 1974 … and until a few years ago the proposed marketing industry and the commercial was activated to give life to the ideas, now they have to act together. The market moves so fast that requiresa a continuous and close collaboration without wasting time.

Which are the most effective communication channels?

Even the way we communicate has changed over the years, with the advent of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest … we can reach a large number of people in a short time, passing important messages, ideas, promotions.

On what should a company focus?

Surely in the future professionalism will win. Our company since its birth (30 years ago) produces exclusively for hairdressers. This industry needs companies that protect not only their jobs but their professionalism! We must re-evaluate the quality of service that only an hairdresser can provide. Do not forget that even today there are those who promote the “do it yourself” acting to the detriment of the class and their professionalism.

How does Farmaca react?

We have in mind an even stronger program that includes substantial investments to re-evaluate and support the professionalism of the hairdresser. We must not forget that only the hairdresser is able to offer their customers an exclusive service.

In this time of change which is your anchor?

In a changing market that moves so fast … for us what should not change is the interest for the professionalism of the hairdresser. We disclose this message with all the available means of communication.



Farmaca International is a professional hair cosmetics’ company based in Settimo Torinese.

The company believes in research and innovation, Farmaca is a society rich of content and experiences gained over the years through collaboration with various companies in the field.

The company organization is characterized by a strong team spirit, but above all, by the desire to improve day by day thanks to the valuable advices from hairdressers who have chosen to work together with Farmaca.

For this reason the company always provides services and reliable products technically advanced, managed with seriousness and experience.

The scientific laboratories work closely with a team of technicians throughout Italy in order to always monitor the quality and the different needs that hairdressers have.

With this spirit, so much attention is devoted to the continuous search for the best technical solutions, the most modern raw materials, taking advantage of a pool of specialists rehearsed and with a great experience in the professional tricosmetic field.


Via Leini 138/140, 10036 Settimo Torinese (Torino), Italy