Hair dyes - Professional products for hairdressers

Via Meucci, 16 - 20019 - Settimo Milanese (MI), Italy
Tel: +39.02.48926382

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Hair dyes - Professional products for hairdressers

Invidia, brand Intercosmetics Milan, manufactures and distributes products for professional hairdressers since 1987 in Italy and in more than twenty countries in the world.
It features a state of the art R & D laboratory, equipped with modern machinery and high-tech efficiency.
The careful selection of raw materials and the wealth of the active ingredients in the formulas ensure high quality and reliable products that meet the most stringent international standards.
University tests, microbiological checks at every stage of production, professional skills, continuous search for quality and ability to innovate and anticipate market trends contributing to our goal of customer satisfaction.


Hair dyes - Professional products for hairdressers

Via Meucci, 16
Settimo Milanese (Milano) 20019
Tel: +39 02 48926382

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