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Fiere per Parrucchieri
Fiere parrucchieri ed eventi parrucchieri ☎ you show - cosmoprof - alternative hair show - manifestazioni hairstylist internazionali, calendario esibizioni, show parrucchieri
Una rassegna di tutte le iniziative, i corsi, le fiere e gli eventi che riguardano l'hairfashion, per rimanere aggiornati e al passo con la moda costantemente mese per mese giorno dopo giorno.
A summary of all the initiatives, courses, fairs and events related to hair fashion, in order to keep abreast of fashion month by month and day by day.
Eine Übersicht über alle Ereignisse, Kurse, Messen und Veranstaltungen im Bereich der Hairfashion, um immer, Tag um Tag, auf dem neuesten Stand zu sein und mit der Mode Schritt zu halten.
Une revue de toutes les initiatives, les cours, les foires et les manifestations qui concernent la haute coiffure, pour rester au courant et dans le vent, constamment, mois après mois, jour après jour.
Una presentaci&pacute;n de todas las iniciativas, los cursos, las ferias y los eventos que se ocupan de moda del cabello, para estar actualizados y al paso con la moda en forma continuada, mes a mes, día tras día.



from 2009-09-09 to 2009-09-11 RUSSIAExhibition for Hairstylists
Fiere per parrucchieri

ASTANA BEAUTY - Perfumes & Cosmetics and associated services, special equipment and beauty-technologies - KAZAKHISTAN

Why Astana Beauty 2009?

  • The population of Kazakhstan is more than 15.6 million, and that of Astana, the national capital, 700000.
  • In 2007, gross domestic product per capita increased to US$ 6,800 as compared with US$ 1,660 in 2002.
  • As of October, 1st, 2008 in Kazakhstan 984 319 subjects of small business that on 5,3 % more than in the beginning of year are registered. The share of small business in country gross national product for 2007 has made 30,8 %.
  • Investments into a fixed capital for January-June, 2008 have made $1510,1 million (104,9 % by January-June, 2007). In republican volume of investments into a fixed capital the share of volume of a city of Astana has made 12,0 %.
  • The Foreign trade turnover Astana for January-May, 2008 it has made $4 331,1 bln. and has increased in comparison with the similar period of 2007 in 1,3 times.
  • The volume of retail goods turnover Astana on all channels of realisation has made $919,3 million for January-June, 2008 and has increased in comparison with the corresponding period of last year in the comparable prices for 32,5 %.
  • Astana has a state programme on social and economic development of the city for 2006-2010, which aims to gradually increase the standard of living, set up a life supporting infrastructure meeting the world standards and adequately responding to the growth of the population and the city’s economy, ensure a friendly environment, and increase the integration role of the national capital in the economic development of the country.

  • Astana, Kazakhistan

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