Rolls for aluminum production streaks - rolls embossed aluminum - aluminum rolls for customization discoloration - pre-cut aluminum sheets

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Rolls for aluminum production meches


LOROMECHES work in the service of hair professionals with expertise and originality thanks to long experience in the field of its owner Americo Di Muro. LOROMECHES and able to produce for any requirement and any extent foil in rolls or precut in the neutral version, embossed and colored to achieve light strokes and streaks. QUICKMECHES - patented article: special aluminum sheets for streaks and highlights with hard edge. Machine-made with constant length, have a hard edge, folded several times, allowing you to get as close as possible to attach the hair and to prevent leakage of the product. Allow you to make the streaks in a practical and safe.

DOUBLE ROLL plan in order to diversify the color of the streaks with maximum speed. ELEGANT PRACTICAL &
ROLL 4 COLORS. Does not slip, making the application faster. Available in the colors: YELLOW, RED, GREEN, BLUE
ROLL PROFESSIONAL. Rolled Aluminum, Length 300 meters, thickness 15 microns.
COLORED WALLETS Plexiglas. Also suitable for personalization, various colors.
EMBOSSED ALUMINIUM. Rolled Aluminum alloy 8079 -8011, suitable for coloring. It does not slip Whitener, more heat, suitable for streaks of prestige
DISPENCER COLORED with 200 sheets of pre-cut aluminum edge and Silver Coloured. Maximum in the Speed ​​application, suitable for medium and long hairstyles. Embossed does not slip Whitener, maximum professionalism to meches
EMBOSSED ALUMINIUM COLOURED. It does not slip Whitener, more heat, suitable for streaks of prestige


Rolls for aluminum production meches

Via Di Vittorio,42
40055, Villanova di Castenaso, Bologna - Italy
Tel. 3356345797 - Fax. 051 6064706

Rolls for aluminum production meches
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