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Tincture of new generation with silk proteins which provide softness and shine to the hair. Mix Up ensures total coverage of white hair and excellent color durability. Available in 68 shades in the natural series, natural ash, golden, copper, mahogany, beige, purple, red, brown, proofreaders and super lightening.
Oxidizing Emulsion sunscreen and fragrant mix up: 40 volumes of 2 or 3 shades lighter, 20 volumes for color tone on tone, cover gray hair and a lighter tone; 10 volumes, to lighten the tone and color bleached hair . To lighten more than 4 tones, we recommend using superlightening shades. Tube case 100 ml

Dry and damaged hair with extracts of peach and almond oil
Mix Up nourishing balm cream is a moisturizing and conditioning especially suitable for dry, brittle and damaged hair. Detangles the hair and protects them from the elements. Contains extract of fishing that makes them soft and shiny and sweet almond oil emollient notes.
After the bath capillary Mix Up, apply the cream nourishing balm to damp hair and comb through to facilitate the distribution of the lengths. After a few minutes of laying rinse with lukewarm water. 1000 ml bottle

RE-EQUILIBRATING HAIR BATH - greasy hair - Contains sebum-regulating the activity of mandarin extract, astringent, antipruritic and toned.
EXTRA-DELICATE HAIR BATH - natural hair - Contains extract of birch leaves hair soft and shiny. Frequent use.
NORMALIZING HAIR BATH - dandruff - Contains essential oil of peppermint from the action to combat antimicrobial dry and greasy dandruff.
HYDRATING HAIR BATH - dry and damaged hair - Contains aloe vera extract from the emollient and tonic.
POST-COLOR HAIR BATH - fixed and revives - Delete alkaline substances that are deposited on the skin during coloration, nourishes and smoothes the hair fiber, revitalizes and increases the brilliance and vitality of color. Contains aloe vera extract

BLEACHING POWDER APPLE FLAVOUR - bleaching powder apple
The bleaching powder Mix Up, with its heavy powder formulation non-volatile, full of high-quality ingredients and pigments blue-purple discoloration guarantee excellent with any technique, the utmost respect for the hair, preventing color changes orange-yellow .
Mixed in non-metallic container with Oxidizing Emulsion Cream Mix Up 20/30/40 by vol. in a 1:2 ratio, it forms a smooth paste is easy to apply, providing excellent and consistent results. Jar of 500 gr

Oxidizing emulsion perfumed easy to use. Its formulation allows to obtain mixtures perfectly amalgamated and homogeneous with the color service or the service of discoloration. Avoid toners and facilitates color stability. Available 10/20/30/40 vol. 100 ml bottle

From research Mix Up is the new permanent hair color cream with extracts derived from AGRICULTURE BIOLOGY AND VITAMIN C. The coloring is based on an innovative technology that prolongs the color effect, protecting and strengthening the hair fiber. It 'an innovative product that guarantees a perfect seal and uniformity of color, maximum safety in the results, total coverage of gray hair to give an extraordinary brilliance.



Napoli - Italy
Via A. Lucci, 193
Tel. +39 081-5547084 - Fax. +39 081-5545251
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