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tech shirt "u" This shirt is inspired shirts, Italian-style neck, wrist and big shots back. It combines the elegance of the shirt with the convenience of work clothes for a stylish and dynamic staff. For this boss you can use stain or fabric preshrunk cotton and even customize it with graphics of your shop. ladi's jacket Jacket buttoned very cross, collar and side pocket for added convenience while working. Head very elegant due to its simplicity. The jacket you can take LADI's stain resistant fabric 100% polyester or cotton, preshrunk and there is also the ability to customize screen. pantalaccio Gimmy Pantalaccio very comfortable, with front and rear pockets, waist strap to tighten or expand according to own needs. Fabric stain resistant 100% polyester or 100% preshrunk cotton and silk screen customization. mic chest The MIC Harness is designed to wrap completely the operator's body with laces on the front and back side to keep it open, V-neck and large front pocket complete this harness very comfortable to use. It is available with fabric 100% preshrunk cotton or alternatively 100% polyester fabric stain and with the ability to customize screen. Mantle shear This is our classic cape for cutting, with two buttons or for every need, with a nickel-plated brass clips that will not rust in water and with external loop. This article is available in various sizes 120 cm, 140 cm and 160 cm. The fabric used is a 100% polyester that is both stain and antistiro that like all our products is the ability to customize screen. towel Towels 90 cm x 50 cm 100% cotton and 100% made in Italy, available in white and black stain does not stain. This article can be personalized with embroidery.
work clothes tailored
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