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Via risorgimento, 28/4 - 23834 - Premana, Lecco, Italy
Tel: 0341.890181 - Fax: - Cell: Cell. 347.7850342

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Every single creation "Pinin" it tells his/her own history. And' a history that speaks of handicraft tradition, is the history of the pride and the passion of the artisan teachers in which Paul Fazzini, the holder, has believed always. These values let each other perceive something that goes beyond the external beauty: there is a soul, and he/she is seen". Pinin" (what in lecchese it means "small") it was the nickname of Paul Fazzini, that has begun the handicraft production of scissors and blades to Premana (LC) in 1940.
Paul Fazzini, 32 years, it is the nephew of that Paul and in 2001, you/he/she has taken over in the firm that has renamed
"Pinin Forbici" in honor of his/her/their grandfather.
The firm produces tweezerses, scissors for fingernails, face and body, for hairdressers and beauticians, and still more.
Activity is manually now everything turn to 90%, and for this motive, the firm is able to create lines personalized with design and particular treatments.

The saloon is found in:
28/A, Risorgimento street
23834 Premanas - I Lick
Tel/fax. (+39)0341. 890181
Cell. 347.7850342
P.IVA 02614410138
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