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Furnishings for hairdressers Vercelli - Hair Universe | Armchairs for beauty salons

Regione Santa Maria, 16 - 13010 - Pezzana (VC), Italy
Tel: 0161.319698

Hairdressing furniture , washes for hairdressers , chairs for beauty salons , furniture for estheticians , furniture for beauty salons

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Furnishings for hairdressers Vercelli


Universe hair, Mombelli Enzo , retailer of furnishings for hairdressers and beauty salons of the best brands in Vercelli . Via Benadir 86 Tel / Fax: 254 635 0161 .

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Furnishings for hairdressers Vercelli
Via Benadir, 86
13100 - Vercelli - Italy
Tel./Fax 0161/254635
Hairdressing furniture
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