paintings of hairdressers - hairdressing celebrities - pictures of hair stylists

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Hair Painting Museum
paintings of hairdressers - hairdressing celebrities - pictures of hair stylists

In 1973 Wiel Ell Essers and opened their first store is since then that continues their quest for innovation , pushing ever forward any limit creative , convinced that what today might seem unsuitable , not "portable " , tomorrow it could prove to be the trend that everyone is wearing .
Their research led them , especially in the early days , considered to be the pioneers : their artistic creations were experimental , extreme , however, continued to believe in themselves and in their project even if it could not be understood by all .
Thanks to their unique working method , are now invited to share their creative talent at international level in the most desirable locations , and through workshows and courses, leading to colleagues concrete examples of their art.
Wiel and Ell are engaged for years in the fight against childhood leukemia : thanks to their creativity raise funds to support this fight , in fact, the proceeds from the Alternative Hair show in London are donated almost entirely to this project.
The founder of this event is Toni Rizzo, who 25 years ago, after the loss of his son Valentino because of this disease , he organized the first event with some friends Hairstylists , and donate the funds to scientific research. Today, become one of the most successful men in the field dell'Hairstyle , Toni keeps this fund research as one of its most important objectives , which honors him .
Ell has also lost her younger sister because of leukemia , for sharing this with Toni passion that animates this event.
Currently, Essers , have also led to many independent projects to raise money and support the same research objective .
" Pieke Potloed " is a project designed to raise funds : this is the sale of stickers bearing the puppet designed by Pieke Dassen , artist of Maastricht. Purchase a equates to donate to the cause 25 euro .
The first initiative was launched in 1995 with a sculpture made by different artists who have worked all over the world (including their Vidal Sassoon , Luis Llongueras , Anthony Mascolo ), thanks to a donation , this work has yielded well- 60000 florins.
The project continues and sees the production of paintings that are the result of creativity and energy.
The project currently involves the participation of many colleagues who sell their paintings at auction or through direct sales .
Currently, there are already as many as 32 paintings signed by the most respected professionals from around the world .
The Artist :

Akin Konizi HOB
Alan Edwards
Alan Winter
Angelo Seminara
Angus Mitchell
Anthony Mascolo
Beverly Cobell
Bundy Bundy
Clive Coleman
Dmitriy vinokurov
Guy Kremer
Indy Miller
John Frieda
Joshua Galvin
Justin Smith
Klaus Peter Ochs
Kohsuke Ueno
Laszlo Hajas
Luis LLonggueras
Mark Hill
Michael Sherwood
Mike Esa
Richard Asforth
Richard Thomson Mahogany
Robert Cromeans
Robert Lobetta
Tim Hartley
Tony Rizzo
Ulrich Graf
Vidal Sassoon
Werner Grecht


Hair Painting Museum
paintings of hairdressers - hairdressing celebrities - pictures of hair stylists

St. Amorsplein 10
OLANDA - 6211 GT, Maastricht
0031 (0) 43-3256517

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