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In 1973 Wiel and Ell Essers opened their first store: them they had continued their search for innovation, going on and on over all creative limits, believing that what today might sound unsuitable, just not "portable", tomorrow the same thing could be the trend that everyone wants to wear.
Their research took them, especially in the early days, to be considered pioneers: their artistic creations were extreme, however, they continued to believe in themselves and in their project even though it could not be understood by all.
Thanks to their unique working method, today they are invited to share their creative talents internationally in the most desirable locations, and through workshows and courses, leading to colleagues concrete examples of their art.
Wiel and Ell are engaged for years in the fight against childhood leukemia: thanks to their creativity they raise funds to support this fight, in fact, the proceeds from the Alternative Hair show in London are almost entirely donated to this project.
The founder of this event is Toni Rizzo: 25 years ago, after the loss of his son Valentino because of this disease, he starts to organize the event with some friends (all Hairstylists), donating funds to scientific research. Today, become one of the most successful Hairstylist in the world , Toni keeps this fund research as one of his most important objectives , that honors him .
Ell has also lost her younger sister because of leukemia , for that reason She shares with Toni the passion that animate this event.
Currently, the Essers have also led to many independent projects to raise money to support the same research objective .
"Pieke potloed" is a project designed to raise funds : this is the sale of stickers bearing the puppet designed by Pieke Dassen , Maastricht's artist. Purchase one of that equates to donate for the cause 25 euro .