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PHYSIA TONE Essential Oils
PHYSIA TONE Essential Oils - DEMERAL - Hair Tone on Tone

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Hair Tone on Tone
PHYSIA TONE Essential Oils

tone on tone coloring - 100% ammonia free

PHYSIA TONE allows a new experience 100% ammonia free color in just 10 minutes. It is a tone on tone color cream, acting ultra- cosmetic, bright and long lasting, with absolute respect of the hair, application after application.
Perfect coverage of the first white hair (up to 60%).
Fast shutter speed with a minimum of 10 to a maximum of 20 minutes in relation to the perceived result.
Maximum versatility : from ultra- natural effect, characterized by pure light, results in more rich and intense.
Ideal for the delicacy of treatment, for the brightness of reflections and for the freedom that allows.
Shades 32 chromatically identical to corresponding shades of Physia Color. The particles of color PHYSIA TONE are obtained by combining the micropigments oxidation with a rich complex of Direct Dyes with high reflectivity, which provides a shimmering effect multi -faceted. The filing of the dyes during the exposure time occurs in the periphery of the cortex in several concentric layers, creating a new surface for more structured multilayered sheets of color. Ceramides complete the service by ensuring a healthy hair, shiny and easy to comb.
For every shampoo, the surface layer is gently removed to reveal the layer of color underneath is still rich and ultra- bright as freshly applied.
method of use : Colouring Cream 50 ml + 100 ml Sweet Oxidant 8.5 volumes. For a more intense, mix the shades PHYSIA TONE choice with the Physia Color mix indicated.
box: 100 ml tube.