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Would you like a glaze that will last longer? Choose B. TREND. Think of color as the dress is an accessory to meet your desire for change in a practical and quick way , in the application on natural nails and rebuilt. Dries in seconds and remove with a solvent or remover. B. TREND is the solution for every woman. The huge choice of colours is available in 5 ml format format in 14 ml.

Soak off

Push back the cuticles and release the top of the nail. Giving shape to the nails to make them all the same. Dulling your nails with a 100/180 brick to make it porous and spolverarle with the brush. Apply a thin layer of Primer B-TREND and let it evaporate. Apply a thin layer of gel based Foundation BTREND with keratin and catalyze in 2 minutes UV lamp or LED lamp for 60 seconds. Apply a thin layer of Gel Polish B-TREND and catalyze in UV lamp 2/3 minutes or in LED lamp for 60 seconds. Repeat with a second coat of Nail Polish and Gel lamp. Seal by applying a thin coat of sealer Gloss Fixer B-TREND and catalyze in UV lamp 2/3 minutes or in LED lamp for 60 seconds. Remove residual gel from the nail using the detergent Cleanser B-TREND.
Using a file it, s 180-grit grinding gently Gloss sealant Fixer B-TREND. Apply it over the nail a cotton ball or pad soaked in solvent Remover B-TREND. Wrap the nail with aluminium foil and wait 10 minutes. Remove the aluminum foil and gently remove with a stick or push skin softened enamel.
packaging: -5 ml and PRIMER 15 ml.
-FOUNDATION with keratin 14 5 ml and ml.
-GLOSS 5 ml Fixer and 15 ml.
-CLEANSER 125 ml.
-REMOVER 125 ml and 250 ml.
-Calendula HAND CREAM 30 ml.
-LED lamp B-TREND.


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